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Where Hope Begins


Let's talk about sex...                         necessary conversations

Our Mission is to empower teens through providing current and accurate education regarding sexuality, health, risks, consequences and realities so that they can ensure a healthy, and positive sexual future free of STI's and unplanned pregnancies. 

We believe that education is essential for the growth, development and advancement of people. Education through interactive discussion is a proactive vs. reactive approach to tackling many of the issues faced by today’s youth. Our interactive presentations provide discussion, insight and helpful life strategies to both inform and motivate youth to make positive informed decisions which will in turn allow them to Take Charge! Of their sexuality.

You can expect all our presentations to be fun, inclusive and non-judgmental. Our Staff is well-trained, approachable and professional. We can assist teachers in providing follow up support and resources.

Only 1% of references in the Media will mention the Actual Risks of Sexual Activity. 1

" My sex education consisted of TV, internet and being told in class how to put a condom on a banana. Until now I didn't realize I could choose for myself what my sexuality would look like.  I didn't dawn on me that I had rights and that if someone wont respect my rights maybe they aren't right for me!"   anonymous student

Teaching Material that is aligned with the BC Education PLO’s supplimented by culterally relevant issues. We aim to lay a foundation for fundamental life descisions. 


Topics Covered upon request

Relationships and Dating

  • healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • am I ready to date
  • setting goals for relationships
  •  setting healthy boundaries in relationships and sexuality that I feel comfortable with
  • safety in dating

The Law in Canada
  • Age of consent
  • what is consent
  • My rights
  • how to protect myself from sexual abuse and exploitation
  • what is considered rape
  • what is sexual abuse, incest, exploitation

Sex and sexual health
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • statistics on STI's, contraceptives and risks
  • how to obtain free testing

Media Literacy and Cultural Awareness
  • developing critical thinking skills to asses validity of messages received via TV, movies, magazines, smartphones, music and internet
  • myths in the media
  • impact of media on self image
  • media stereotypes and sexual activity

Substance abuse and sexuality
  • laws regarding sexuality in the presence of drugs and alcohol
  • impact of drugs and alcohol on personal boundaries and decisions

  • porn addiction
  • effect of pornography on brain
  • objectification of individuals
  • violence and unrealistic or unattainable expectations

  • understanding conception
  • fetal development
  • anatomy of pregnancy
  • options in pregnancy
  • using critical thinking skills to view pregnancy options

*** please note that we am to arrange a discussion with the teacher or organizer of each event to ensure we address and cater to the particular needs of each group or class. 


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Christy Kendel  RN, Sexual Health Education 

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*Amanda Lenhart, “Teens and sexting: How and why minor teens are sending sexually suggestive nude or nearly nude images via text messages, “Pew Internet and American Life project. Dec 15 2009, http://www.pewinternet.org/`/media//files/reports/2009/PIP_Teens_and_Sexting.pd

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